The highest mortality rate due to COVID-19 is observed in India and South America

In Colombia and Argentina, the rate reached its highest ever since the pandemic.

The highest mortality rate in the world among patients infected with coronavirus infection is currently observed in India and Brazil, according to consolidated data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Colombia and Argentina, it reached the highest level of the pandemic. However, in North America and Europe, there is a steady decline in indicators.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the latest data, more than 3.75 million infected people have already died.

Free News analyzed the current mortality situation in the countries most affected by the infection.

Peak mortality rate

In India, in recent days, 2.2-2.5 thousand deaths were registered, but on Thursday, the Ministry of Health of the republic reported a new maximum – 6,148 deaths per day. The sharp jump is due to the fact that the Bihar state government clarified the number of deaths from COVID-19 after an inspection. Indian media do not rule out that other states may revise the data on mortality after this.

In Brazil, over the past day, more than 2.3 thousand deaths were recorded, in April this figure exceeded the mark of 4 thousand.

The death rate has been at an all-time high in Colombia since the end of May. Over the past day, 550 patients with coronavirus died there. The same situation is observed in Argentina, where 722 deaths were registered the day before, which was the second-highest figure for the entire time of the pandemic.

In Peru, more than 400 deaths are now registered, which is approximately the same as in January. At the April peak, the figures were twice as high.

Noticeable decline

In the United States, in recent days, no more than 400 deaths per day are recorded, in January, 10 times more infected people died.

In Mexico, where in February the figure exceeded the mark of 1.5 thousand deaths, now there are less than 200.

In Europe, the death rate has fallen sharply after peaking at the beginning of the year, and in some countries, it has fallen to the level of a year ago. In the UK, there are now fewer than 10 deaths per day, in Spain – less than 20, in Italy, France and Poland – less than 100, in Germany-less than 150.

In Iran, the death rate dropped from almost 500 deaths per day in April to less than 200 in early June.

Relative indicators

If we compare relative indicators, the highest mortality from COVID-19 is now in Peru: for every 100 thousand inhabitants there are 561 deaths. This is followed by Hungary (310), Bosnia and Herzegovina (290), the Czech Republic (281), and North Macedonia (262).

More than 200 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants are registered in Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro.

In the United States, there are 184 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, in Mexico – 176, in Colombia and Argentina-182, in the United Kingdom-187, in France-168, in Spain – 171, in Germany – 107, in Poland – 196.

In India, there are 26 deaths for every 100,000 inhabitants.

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