The hybrid Czech eVTOL is being tested before being launched on the market. The developers said that the range of its flight will be 720 km.

LinkedIn Zuri air taxi is a 3-4-seat aircraft that is tested for its ability to hover in the air. The company said it has a hybrid propulsion system onboard.

Today, the use of batteries seriously increases the weight of equipment, and it still takes time to develop designs that run entirely on hydrogen. But so far, a compromise has been achieved with the help of hybrid installations that combine power and environmental friendliness, the developers note.

Reporters suggested that the device uses rechargeable batteries mainly for vertical takeoff and landing, and the internal combustion engine drives the pusher support.

Now the team is conducting flight tests of the structure and checking how well the air taxi hovers in the air. Based on the test results, the company is going to develop a single experimental configuration of the device.

After all the tests, the developers will have to obtain a license allowing them to fly on such a large scale.