The head of the service for the prevention and control of infectious diseases at the University Hospital of Geneva, the Swiss inventor of the antiseptic formula for hands, Didier Pittet, said that the fact of the existence of COVID-19 could have been hidden since 2013.

According to him, eight years ago, a virus was discovered in Chinese caves, which was 96 percent similar to the coronavirus. Pittet noted that then the cavers who worked there could have become infected. Subsequently, dissertations were written about this disease, including researchers from Wuhan laboratories, who later disappeared, the expert stressed.

The specialist also added that when scientists are working on the virus, they freeze the sample, but the copy that was in the Chinese research center has disappeared. This situation is a little worrying, Pittet summed up.

Earlier, Pittet evaluated the version about the leak of the coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. According to him, there is no evidence that COVID-19 or other viruses were created in laboratories. “This has been discussed a lot. Especially because it all happened in China, but they always forget to say that the first destructive bacterium that escaped from the laboratory did it in the United States, ” the scientist said. He added that this happened in a laboratory with an extremely high level of security.