TEHRAN – Commander of the naval forces of Iran Admiral Hussein Hanzady said that the enemy in the face of the US now knows about the possibilities of Tehran firmly respond to the violation of its airspace.

“The enemy sent their most advanced reconnaissance aircraft, and everyone saw that we shot it down. This is a hard answer that we can be repeated several times, and the enemy knows about it”, — Agency Tasnim quotes.

The Admiral also said that the revolutionary youth of Iran will be able to respond to sanctions and ensure security in the region. According to him, the latest achievements in the development of military equipment give grounds to count on a bright future.

Hanzady statement comes amid official reports of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s readiness to contribute to de-escalation in the Persian Gulf region.
On June 20, the Iranian authorities reported the destruction by air defense forces of an American drone that invaded the country’s airspace. At the Pentagon, the fact of violation of the border was denied, and the President of the United States Donald Trump announced that, in response, adopted a decision on the missile strike on Iran. However, at the last moment, the head of the United States ordered his air force to return, so as not to kill 150 people because of the loss of the drone.

Later, Trump said he was ready to make Iran “great again,” but promised that he would not allow Tehran to create nuclear weapons. According to him, a new nuclear deal (instead of the canceled agreement, which was concluded under Barack Obama) is possible, but only if the Iranians allow the US to inspect all their nuclear facilities.