In Japan, the Nojima Denki chain of stores has decided to start a fight against dealers so that Sony PlayStation 5 game consoles fall into the hands of interested gamers directly.

Customers will now have their full name on every PlayStation 5 box. Even if the reseller wants to get rid of the ink, the squeezed mark will still remain.

Also, when selling a set-top box, sellers must print the box with the controller and throw it away, and the gamepad itself must be packed along with the console. This should help users understand that they are buying a Sony PlayStation 5 from a reseller.

It is too early to judge the effectiveness of this method. On the one hand, buying a prefix “hand-held” at an overpriced without any engravings on the box, it is easy to guess that the seller is a reseller. On the other hand, stores hope that exposing outbidding will harm their operations.