The Japanese mistakenly received $ 1,400 from the United States

The US Internal Revenue Service mistakenly sent thousands of Japanese pensioners checks for $ 1,400, writes the Financial Times.

Referring to a representative of a Japanese bank, the newspaper reported that queues formed at some branches in Tokyo, as employees had to process checks in foreign currency.

Among those who received the payments were Japanese people who previously lived in the United States, but left the country long ago. They were sent checks based on tax returns submitted by residents.

According to the Nikkei Asia, those Japanese who lived in the United States until October 2005, when the bilateral social security agreement came into force, received the checks. Up to this point, Japanese citizens who worked in the United States had to pay social contributions in the country.

The US Internal Revenue Service acknowledged the mistake and demanded that the foreigners cancel and return the checks. At the same time, the agency did not specify what to do for those who have already received payments.

This is not the first such mistake with payments in the United States. Similar situations occurred last year, when the previous White House administration paid $ 1,200 and $ 600 to Americans as a support measure in March and December, respectively. Payments to Americans for $ 1,400 are provided for by Joe Biden’s plan to save the economy from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. In total, it is planned to spend $ 1.9 trillion.

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