The largest iceberg in the world has melted

Researchers from the United States noticed that the largest iceberg in the world has shattered into pieces – so much so that they cannot be tracked. Now the iceberg is no longer dangerous.

Iceberg A68 at its peak covered an area of ​​almost 6,000 sq. km, it broke away from Antarctica in 2017. Such a piece of ice would cover a quarter of Wales.

However, according to the latest data from satellites, the huge iceberg practically disappeared – it melted and broke into small pieces. As noted by researchers from the US National Ice Center, this iceberg can no longer be tracked.

A68 broke away from the Larson Ice Shelf at the edge of the Antarctic Peninsula but remained virtually motionless over the next year. Then he began to drift north, increasing his speed.

The glacier proceeded to the South Atlantic towards South Georgia. Many large icebergs are melting near this small island. They get stuck in shallow water and gradually lose most of their mass.

However, the A68 melted in the wrong place and continued to drift across the Atlantic. Over time, warmer water and higher air temperatures made the iceberg much smaller. It was more and more broken into small fragments.

“It’s actually amazing that the A68 lasted so long,” said researcher Adrian Luckman of Swansea University. Its pieces are not dangerous – they are too small.

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