The launch of the Delta IV launch vehicle is postponed until March 15, the United Launch Alliance noted.

The launch of the Delta IV launch vehicle with the secret US air force satellite Wideband Global SATCOM is postponed for two days – until March 15. This was reported on Saturday on the website of the United Launch Alliance (ULA).

“The launch of the Delta IV United Launch Alliance with the WGS-10 on Board, carried out in the interests of the US air force, has been postponed in order to identify problems and eliminate some abnormal indicators. The state of the carrier and the device is stable, all onboard systems are operating normally and are ready for the transition to the final stage [preparation for start-up]. The launch is scheduled for Friday-March 15, 2019-at 18: 56 on the East coast of the United States” the company said.

According to it, it will be the 39th launch of Delta IV since 2002 and the eighth flight of this carrier in the Medium+ configuration.

Note that the company United Launch Alliance is a joint venture of American aircraft corporations Boeing and Lockheed Martin. It was founded in 2006. ULA services are used by NASA, the Pentagon and other structures within the US government. Its headquarters is located in Centennial (Colorado).