Only with each other did they become truly free.

57-year-old Friends star Courtney Cox has tried many times to find love. Among the men of the spectacular brunette at various times were Michael Keaton, David Arquette and, according to rumors, even Matt LeBlanc. Arquette Cox gave birth to a daughter, Coco, but could not keep a relationship with him.

Officially, Cox and Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDade began dating in 2013. The lovers were brought together by the case in the person of another artist – Ed Sheeran. At the time, Sheeran was working with McDade on his album. Even then, Ed said: Courtney and Johnny will definitely meet.

“I think I contributed a lot to the fact that they found each other. But Sacha Baron Cohen also took an active part in this. It’s just that two people fell in love and found themselves, ”CheatSheet quotes Sheeran.

There were also sad moments in this story. Once Cox caught McDade of infidelity and even specially hired a detective to follow the man. The latter brought Courtney a number of irrefutable evidence, which is why the actress quickly abandoned her intention to get married.

Now, it seems, the problems in this couple are behind: due to quarantine, Courtney and Johnny could not see each other for 9 months. Courtney herself noted that she was very bored and dreamed of being next to her lover as soon as possible.

“His touch is the most important thing for me. It’s very hard for me without him, really, ”she complained then.