According to Reuters, the 82-year-old engineer managed to build a machine that extracts water from thin air. The technology uses electricity to condense water vapor.

A Spanish engineer invented the machine that can extract water from the air. The development helps people in remote regions where water is scarce, perhaps even in deserts.

Water scarcity is a serious problem around the world. Even resilient communities can face sudden shortages of drinking water due to political conflict, natural disasters, or even climate change. The invention of 82-year-old Enrique Vega was the result of one such disaster that struck his home country, Spain. It is prone to droughts and faced such a drought in the early 1990s that lasted for five years. The operating principle of the machine is the same as that of the air conditioner. The device uses electricity to cool the surrounding air, and then successfully condenses water vapor.

However, Vega’s invention did not work at high ambient temperatures, such as 40 ° C. This is common in areas with water shortages, such as deserts. Therefore, he improved the capabilities of the machine and founded Aquaer. The device began to operate at extremely high temperatures.

In addition to providing aqueous solutions for the food and healthcare industries, the company also supplied equipment to villages and small towns through the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Water Inception. A smaller machine can supply 50-70 liters of water per day, while a larger unit can supply up to 5,000 liters per day.

Water Inception also installed a 500-liter per day machine in a refugee camp near Tripoli, Lebanon. The NGO is now raising funds to install solar panels on the car and reduce the electrical and environmental costs of the process.