The tree was delivered from Maryland.

The main Christmas tree was successfully delivered on Saturday night to the largest American metropolis – New York. This was reported by the city police.

“The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrived this morning with a little help from the New York Traffic Police,” the law enforcement press service said on Twitter.

The tree weighing 12 tons and 24 m high was brought from Maryland – for the first time in the 90-year history of the tradition of installing a Christmas tree in New York. To transport it to the installation site at Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan, a 35 m long trailer was required.

Transportation of one of the main symbols of Christmas took two days – for the delivery of an 85-year-old fir tree, which was cut down on Thursday, November 11, near the town of Elkton, permission was required from the states of New Jersey and Maryland to transport such an oversized cargo, and the truck was also accompanied by several units of special equipment and an escort of police cars.

After installation, the fir tree will be dressed up in garlands with more than 50 thousand multicolored lights, and a crystal star weighing over 400 kg, created by the masters of the Swarovski company, will be installed on the top. The ceremony of lighting the lights on one of the main Christmas symbols of New York will take place on December 1, residents of the metropolis will have the opportunity to admire it until January 16.

The tradition of installing a Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza appeared in the early 1930s. The workers who erected the Rockefeller Center complex of buildings installed a festive tree right on the construction site for the first time in 1931. Then the six-meter spruce was decorated with paper garlands and wild berries. The first ceremony of lighting Christmas lights took place there in 1933, since then the “forest beauty” has been decorated with electric garlands.