The company will also temporarily stop distribution in Ukraine.

The leading Italian company for the production of coffee and coffee machines Lavazza on Wednesday announced the suspension of all activities in Russia, including in connection with the events in Ukraine.

“Lavazza has decided to suspend all activities in Russia. Due to force majeure and the inability to supply our products to the market, the company was also forced to temporarily stop distribution in Ukraine,” the company said in a press release published on Wednesday.

Lavazza explained that 2021 was “a particularly turbulent period for all commodities, with coffee prices raising the most in the agricultural sector.” The company pointed out that the growth is “mainly due to global supply chain problems and damage caused by weather events related to climate change.”

“These factors will affect production in 2022 <…> A dramatic geopolitical scenario is added to this already difficult situation, in which the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has an impact in many directions,” Lavazza said.