The march in New York in memory of Floyd ended in Brooklyn

During the entire time of the action, the presence of law enforcement officers was minimal, the march was held without incident.

A march of about two hundred demonstrators in New York, including activists of the Black Lives Matter movement, in memory of the black George Floyd, who died a year ago while being detained by police, ended at the Brooklyn Museum.

After the rally at Foley Square, the demonstrators went over the Brooklyn Bridge to the neighboring area of the city. After walking about eight kilometers to the sound of drums, occupying the roadway along which they were walking, the protesters stopped their march at the foot of the Brooklyn Museum building, where the organizers of the rally made speeches in memory of Floyd and other African-Americans who died while being detained by police. Some of the demonstrators lit candles on the steps and adjacent lawn of the museum.

Among the participants of the action were representatives of various left-wing political movements, who, in addition to racial justice, for example, and in support of Palestine, and for the fight against climate change. However, even such a diverse coalition could not gather a significant number of participants – the actions in support of Palestine in the last two weeks exceeded the current march in number.

Offices, cafes, and restaurants in New York City, where demonstrators passed by, also reacted calmly to the anniversary of Floyd’s death – no one took any additional precautions, as last summer or during the presidential election in November 2020, when shop owners covered the windows with wooden shields. During the entire campaign, the presence of law enforcement officers was minimal, and the march was held without incident.

Floyd died after police officer Derek Chauvin used a hard chokehold during his arrest in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. After that, there were mass protests in the United States, accompanied by riots. To restore calm, the National Guard was involved in local law enforcement agencies. About 40 cities, including Washington and New York, were under curfew. Actions in memory of Floyd are held throughout the United States, but they are not particularly numerous. The emergency happened only once during the day, in Minneapolis, where Floyd died a year ago: an unknown person staged a shooting on the street next to the place of the funeral rally, as a result of which one person was injured.

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