New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to place a Black Lives Matter sign on Fifth Avenue next to Trump Tower. According to him, this will be a signal for the President of the country.

“Placing the Black Lives Matter sign at a building that belongs to him will signal that the lives of black people really matter. Blacks participated in the construction of New York, but they were not compensated for their labor, for all the mistakes, for all the moments in American history that affected their lives.”

A poster with the inscription will be placed on the site between 56th and 57th streets in Manhattan. The Trump Tower on the 202nd floor houses the Central office of the Trump Organization, which can be seen from this intersection of roads.

Earlier, de Blasio said that in each district of the city, there would be sections of streets with the name Black Lives Matter. This slogan became a symbol of rallies and demonstrations in support of the country’s African-American population. A wave of protests began in the United States after the death of black George Floyd. He died while being detained by law enforcement officers.

The leader of the New York branch of Black Lives Matter, Hawk Newsom, declared his intention to “burn the US.”