The monarch’s advanced age and poor health have been worrying the people in recent months. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if Elizabeth is ready to retire and hand over the throne to her 73-year-old son Charles. However, while the queen continues to perform her duties, she appears less and less in public.

The last time Elizabeth came out a few weeks ago, she made an exception for the memorial service on the anniversary of the death of Prince Philip’s spouse. Ignore the fact that the queen can go to her husband at any time, the subjects can no longer.

As it turned out, preparations for a new funeral have already begun across the country… for the queen’s funeral. An expanded program of preparation for the farewell to Elizabeth II has been launched. This was stated to the British tabloid by the head of the Council of Keepers of church Bells Vicki Chapman. The country is preparing for a funeral chime on the day of the death of the monarch. It is planned that the sad news will be spread throughout the country by bells. But they should not sound as usual, but muffled. To do this, special couplings are put on the bells – tens of thousands of such devices will be required. The mechanism has been put into operation, and the manufacture of additional couplings has started in Britain.