A message sent by a couple of Canadians from the United States in a bottle traveled 3.8 thousand kilometers in six years and was found by a family from Portugal. This is reported by the CBC.

In February 2015, Brigitte Doerksen and her husband Warren from the Canadian city of Morris, Manitoba province, were vacationing in the American city of Miami, Florida. While on vacation, Warren decided to throw a letter in a bottle into the ocean.

Warren took a bottle of wine leftover from last night, and the couple went to the beach. There he asked his wife to write a note and put it in a bottle. In the text of the note, Brigitte asked the person who found the message to contact her. She attached a business card and two US dollars to the message. The woman put all of the above in a bottle, and the couple threw it into the sea. The husband and wife watched the message until it disappeared from view.

Since then, the bottle has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and ended up on the coast of Porto Santo Island in Portugal. Lisa Dzierzak-Vieira and her husband Marco found her there while walking along the beach with their daughter and dog. The woman filmed how they opened the bottle and found a note inside. Then she sent the letter to the email address specified in the message.

Doerksen saw the message when she checked her email on her mobile phone in the morning. The subject line of the email read: “Brigitte and Warren message in a bottle.” At first, she didn’t even understand what they were talking about, and then she remembered the message they had thrown into the sea. The Canadian woman screamed in surprise and then told her husband about the letter. “We were overcome by emotions. We were happy, and tears welled up in our eyes. It was incredible,” said the Canadian.

Dzierzak-Vieira believes that they were destined to find the bottle. “Everything in life happens for a reason. Maybe one day we will meet them and they will become our best friends,” she said. Doerksen and her husband hope to travel to Portugal one day to visit the place where their message was found and possibly meet the people who discovered it.