The moon came closest to Earth in 2021

The moon approached the Earth at its closest distance in 2021 – this phenomenon is called a supermoon.

Supermoon is the moment when the full moon approaches the Earth at a distance of closer than 362 thousand kilometers. In this case, the moments of the passage of perigee, that is, the point of the orbit closest to the Earth, and the full moon are separated in time by no more than three days.

Such an event occurs every year, however, close coincidences of these two moments, perigee and full moon, happen much less often.

Residents of the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories, as well as Kamchatka and Chukotka will be able to observe the short total phase of the eclipse in the evening.

The size of the moon at such a moment exceeds the usual one by only five to six percent, noted Oleg Ugolnikov, a senior researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The researcher noted that 10 hours after the supermoon, at 14:19 Moscow time, a total lunar eclipse will occur: residents of the southeast of Siberia and the Far East will be able to see it, since for them this phenomenon will occur in the daytime.

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