There are a huge number of animals on our planet, the existence of which some people do not even realize. For example, in the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, huge creatures live, which are known as manta rays or “giant sea devils”. The body length of some individuals reaches 9.1 meters, and the mass can exceed 3 tons. Among them there is a real celebrity of the underwater world, which was first discovered in 2015 by diver Ryan Jeffrey. This is a stingray called Inspector Cluso, which was named after one of the characters in the Pink Panther series. But why is he so famous?

The unusual inhabitant of the Great Barrier Reef was recently described in the science publication ScienceAlert. The creation, named Inspector Clusot, is famous for being a one-of-a-kind ramp painted in bright pink. About him it became known from the stories of diver Ryan Jeffrey and residents of the regions located near the habitat of an unusual stingray. Throughout history, this creation has been seen no more than 10 times, but recently photographer Christian Lane was able to capture it on camera.

The ramp nicknamed Inspector Cluso has the most unusual color

One of the most famous animals in the world

Initially, the photographer went to part of the Great Barrier Reef near Lady Elliot Island to photograph turtles and sharks. However, while swimming, he saw a bright pink slope in the camera lens and could not believe his eyes. Only having got out on land and going to a restaurant did he learn about the existence of Inspector Clusot, whom he, as it turned out, had photographed on camera. The moment caught the shot when the famous stingray cares for females.

The body length of the famous stingray is about 3.3 meters. As it turned out, the locals had not seen this unusual specimen for several years. However, scientists found him in 2016 and even swam up to him to take a sample of his tissues, because they were very interested in what the unusual stingray coloration was associated with. According to ecologist Aisha Haines, pink is not related to the animal’s diet. Most likely, the reason for the unusual color is that the stingray organism produces an irregular shape of melanin, which in animals and humans is responsible for the coloring of various parts of the body.

Perhaps the famous Inspector Clusot has one of the forms of erythrism, in which the outer integument of the body is painted in unusual colors for certain types of animals. It is logical to assume that the body of the stingray produces more red pigments, which explains its color. But it is also possible that stingray has amelanism, in which the body produces an insufficient amount of black pigments. However, scientific evidence for these assumptions is not yet available, so the reasons for the unusual appearance of the stingray are still a mystery to scientists.

Scientists still can not explain why the stingray is pink

Scientists are also interested in how Inspector Cluso is still alive. The fact is that usually his relatives are painted in black and white, which helps them hide from predators. And the pink slope is probably visible from afar, so it’s not yet clear to anyone how it protects itself from sharks and other animals, which always want to eat creatures like it.