A high-profile political murder has shocked the whole world today. This morning, an attempt was made on the life of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He was shot in the back with a shotgun when the politician was speaking at a rally. For about six hours, doctors fought for Abe’s life. And a few minutes ago it became known: they could not save the 67-year–old politician – he received too severe injuries. You can read all the details of the tragedy in the article.

Details of the assassination attempt

Shinzo Abe came to a small town for an election rally; spoke at a small podium at a busy intersection. There’s only a small group of supporters and a couple of security people around. No cordon or, as is customary in such cases, heavy security. The politician, as they say, was at arm’s length or, as it turned out, a couple of shots.

At first, eyewitnesses on the spot tried to help the former prime minister. Two girls, coincidentally, turned out to be doctors. Then the bleeding politician was urgently taken to the hospital by helicopter.

Contradictory data came about the condition of the ex-prime minister: according to some, he was wounded in the chest, according to others – in the neck. In the first minutes after the assassination attempt, Abe was conscious, but during transportation he became worse. Doctors confirmed the cardiac arrest. The suspect is a local resident, a former sailor of the Japan Self–Defense Forces. He calmly stood among the participants of the rally, and then shot Abe in the back with a homemade double-barreled shotgun. He was immediately knocked down and detained.

When questioned by the police, the attacker said that he was allegedly dissatisfied with the policy of the former head of government and was going to kill him.

Reaction in Japan

The assassination attempt on Shinzo Abe shocked ordinary citizens and stirred up the entire political elite of Japan. Some officials even called for postponing the upcoming elections to the upper house of parliament.

Shinzo Abe is one of the most important figures in Japanese politics. He holds the record for the longest tenure as prime minister – he remained in the chair of the head of government for 9 years. And almost all the time the rating of his office remained high.

“We are shocked, outraged and strongly condemn what happened,” says Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan.

“It’s terrible. It is impossible to imagine that he was shot. I hope for his speedy recovery,” the politicians hoped.

Shinzo Abe and Russia

Abe tried to settle the difficult Kuril issue with Russia by signing a peace treaty. But despite numerous contacts at the highest level, he could not do this. Russian embassy was one of the first to react to the tragedy.

“We pray for the health of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe. We strongly condemn the barbaric attempt made on him,” the embassy said after the attempt.

Shinzo Abe left big politics because of health problems. He announced his decision on August 28, 2020, and two days later he spoke on the phone with Vladimir Putin. President thanked him for the joint work and great personal contribution to the development of cooperation between the countries. Doctors of the University of Nara Prefecture fought for Abe’s life. News of his condition was reported by his brother – acting Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi.

“Doctors are doing everything possible to save his life, including blood transfusion,” the politician said.

However, it was not possible to save Shinzo Abe – he died at the age of 67.