The protesters demanded to impose sanctions against Israel.

About 2,000 people from more than 100 organizations gathered in downtown Washington on Saturday for the National March for Palestine, organizers of a mass demonstration held at the Lincoln Memorial told.

“We are now about 2 thousand people from more than 100 American organizations. We all support the imposition of sanctions against Israel because of the fighting against Palestine. We stand for the freedom of Palestine. If not for the cloudy weather, I think more protesters would have come,” said a representative of the organization American Muslims for Palestine, which held the rally. Earlier, it distributed an electronic petition, which has already been signed by about 8 thousand users, demanding that US President Joe Biden announce sanctions against Israel.

So, the protesters demanded to impose an arms embargo on the Jewish state, to cancel the free trade agreement between the United States and Israel, as well as to put an end to the settlement activities carried out by the Israeli authorities. The speakers on the makeshift stage at the memorial declared that the US Congress should stop supplying weapons to the Jewish state at the legislative level. They also demanded that the Israeli authorities be held accountable for their policies against the Palestinian people. The organizers of the action also reported that representatives of such organizations as “Jewish Voice for Peace” and “Jews for the right of Palestinians to return” are also taking part in it.