The network drew attention to the new trademark of the Spyteam project, which may be a Bethesda multiplayer game.

The mention of Spyteam first appeared back in 2018 – the name was found in the documents of Zenimax, which owned the company. Shortly before this, Bethesda opened a new studio in Austin, which was engaged in the multiplayer project BattleCry, but later its development was canceled.

Then this division helped in the creation of Fallout 76, and in 2020, judging by the available vacancies, it began working on a new game. It is assumed that this is Spyteam, which has been in development for more than one year – and it seems that it will also have multiplayer elements.

The original trademark has been regularly renewed since 2018, but it was in 2022 that a new application was filed. Officially, the project, we recall, has not yet been announced.