The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered today on the streaming service Disney+. As last time, critics have embraced the second TV project of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with great enthusiasm. On the main aggregator of movie reviews Rotten Tomatoes, the superhero action movie starring Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie now has 97% positive reviews. Below are brief excerpts from Western media.

Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist:

“It’s hard to judge Falcon and the Winter Soldier based on just one episode, but there is certainly a barrage of massive action, humor and other MCU classics ahead of us. Nevertheless, the starting series is already terrifyingly promising. It shows a rich and multi-layered revelation of themes of identity and heritage and reminds us that no African American is free of black problems in America. Even if he is a superhero.”

Rohan Patel, Comic Book Movie:

“It’s incredibly difficult to judge an entire series from a single episode, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier produces promising results in the first hour. The team action thriller delivers the necessary adrenaline rush through masterful direction and phenomenal acting that automatically puts the material on the list of longest creative victories for Marvel Studios.”

Jacob Hall, Slash Film:

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is unlikely to appeal to people who don’t like Marvel movies because all the successful ingredients of past projects are doubled here. And for now, this is quite enough. Hopefully the bold message of hero responsibility can flourish in the coming weeks.”

Daniel Finberg, The Hollywood Reporter:

“I look forward to exploring in more detail how Sam and Bucky interact with each other, because now they will have to spend more time together on screen; it’s interesting to watch the chemistry between this rebellious black patriot and a 106-year-old white guy who once fought (albeit reluctantly) on the enemy’s side. In my opinion, this is enough to claim a second win for Disney + and Marvel.”

David Opie, DigitalSpy:

“The main part of the advertising campaign was built on two central characters, but there is definitely a huge number of surprises hidden here that have not yet been shown. However, director Kari Skogland was able to convince us that there will be many interesting twists and turns in these six episodes. From what we’ve seen, Cap’s legacy is in good hands.”

The premiere of the second episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” will take place exactly one week later.