Scientists have developed a smart display that shines through even through dense clothing and shows important information.

The authors of the work created the PocketView technology, it uses LED indicators to display basic information even through dense fabrics.

Researchers created prototypes of such a device, they looked like smartphones, pens, key chains. Their display shines through clothing and shows email or message notifications, as well as time, weather and other information.

The idea is not to show all the information that you usually see on the display of your smartphone. These are displays that display a minimum of information. This is sufficient if you are walking or cycling and need to check the route right now. Or, let’s say you received a message and don’t want to be distracted from what you are doing. You can look at the display and see the notification.

Anthony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, PhD Research Fellow at the Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo
To understand how to integrate such a device into a regular wardrobe, the authors conducted a survey. They found out that it is important to make a gadget of different sizes, since there are many small pockets in women’s clothes, which cannot fit a regular phone.

Also, the new technology for developing such displays is inexpensive and supports Bluetooth, so the device can be synchronized with a smartphone. In addition, the developers noted that the display can be built into other wearable devices.