Bell has shown its APT autonomous drone delivering cargo in difficult terrain.

Drones can be used to drop cargo on the battlefield or to people who survived a natural disaster. In either case, the terrain is not always suitable for such operations, so it is important to calculate the trajectory of the fall and the landing point so that the cargo is freely accessible.

Developers from the Bell company have created a special drone for transporting and dropping goods. It can lift maximum 45 kg into the air and deliver them within a radius of 56 km. The maximum speed is 160 km/h.

The company notes that the drone is suitable for fast, accurate and efficient landing on the battlefield.

The drone can hold two standard tactical backpacks, each of which can be loaded with cans of ammo, water, medicine or fuel. In addition, it quickly flies to its destination and drops supplies without landing or hovering in the air.

As a result, it not only saves the battery, but also remains out of the reach of the enemy, since it does not hang in the air for a second.