The National Institute of Science and Technology of Zhong Shan has developed a first-generation exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton was developed as part of a four-year project called the Taiwan Ironman program. The new suit costs about $ 5.74 million and is charged by a lithium battery module.

The operating time without recharging is more than six hours.

To reduce the fatigue of soldiers when carrying heavy objects, we started developing a power suit for the military in 2020. It can be used in field operations and the movement of ammunition and super-powerful weapons, and it can also increase the mobility and efficiency of troops in rescue missions in wartime and after natural disasters.

Jen Kuo-kuang, chief designer of the exoskeleton
The exoskeleton allows the user to lift heavy objects and move at a speed of 6 km / h. The suit also helps to carry loads over long distances, while reducing stress on the legs and hip joints.

A person in an exoskeleton can lift up to 100 kg. The developers note that such a property will be useful during hostilities.

Until 2023, the authors plan to develop a new version of the suit.