The new generation will have 2 times more forest fires and 2.8 times more floods

In an international study, the BCLIMATE group found that a new generation of children will face a lot of climate problems.

If today’s climate policy does not change, the next generation of children will survive seven times more heatwaves, 2.6 times more droughts, 2.8 times more floods, almost three times more crop failures. and also twice as many forest fires. All this is compared to people who were born 60 years ago.

An international team has quantified for the first time the impact of droughts, heat waves, crop failures, floods, tropical cyclones and wildfires on a generation. They took the period from 1960 to 2020, and calculated how many extreme events occurred in the life of each individual generation.

The results show that if global temperatures rise by 3 ° C over the next 100 years, a child who turns six in 2020 will survive twice as many wildfires and tropical cyclones in a lifetime, three times as many floods, five times more droughts, 36 times more heat-waves, and crop failures will be four times more likely.

If temperatures rise by 3.5 ° C, there will be 44 times more heat waves.

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