The new method quickly determines the level of soil contamination by oil

A new method has been developed for determining oil pollution without laboratory tests.

Today, direct instrumental methods, such as infrared spectrophotometry, are usually used to find oil contamination, which requires sampling and laboratory testing. This usually takes several days and requires expensive hardware.

The new express method does not need a laboratory; it can be used right at the site of the alleged contamination. He finds the exact boundaries and the degree of pollution in a few hours.

The method for indirect indicators of the soil – for electrical resistance – determines the degree of its pollution. The essence and scientific novelty is that, without taking soil samples and without taking them to the laboratory, in natural conditions, we determine the boundaries and degree of pollution. Due to the fact that oil products have a high resistance, a zone of increased resistance is obtained, we find it, then at the border of this zone, using sensors, we determine what is the pollution factor. Everything turns out very quickly, literally in two hours.

Evgeny Shabanov, developer, associate professor of the Department of Construction Production and Real Estate Expertise of KuzSTU
Now the authors of the new work plan to develop a mobile instrumentation and measuring complex for operational monitoring of soil contamination: it will be made on the basis of the described methodology.

The new complex will read and process data on site. They can be provided to supervisory authorities for the rapid detection of environmental violations. Also, the development will help industrial enterprises in the elimination of soil pollution with oil products.

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