There were six tourists on board.

The New Shepard spacecraft of Blue Origin Company with six tourists on board made a suborbital flight on Saturday. The journey, broadcast on the company’s website, lasted a total of more than ten minutes, after which the capsule with passengers descended to Earth.

The crew included Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan, the eldest daughter of the first American astronaut Alan Shepard Laura Shepard Churchley, philanthropist Dylan Taylor, investor Evan Dick, entrepreneur Lane Bess and his son Cameron Bess.

The launch of the launch vehicle was carried out from the spaceport near the American city of Van Horn (Texas). The ship rose to a height of just over 100 km, space tourists were in a state of weightlessness. The launch vehicle itself landed normally on the site of the cosmodrome. The flight was paid for by Taylor, Dick, and Bessa’s father and son.

On July 20, Blue Origin successfully carried out the first suborbital flight of the New Shepard spacecraft with passengers on board, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.