The new superconductor has no electrical resistance and no magnetic fields

Scientists at the University of California at Santa Barbara are studying a new supposed superconductor: electrical resistance and magnetic fields disappear in the new material.

Previously, scientists described a new material, cesium vanadium antimonide (CsV3Sb5), which has many useful characteristics: it self-organizes charge distribution and is simultaneously in a superconducting state. As it turned out, a number of similar materials have the same characteristics, including RbV3Sb5 and KV3Sb5, the latter – a mixture of potassium, vanadium and antimony – was studied by the authors of a new work.

The materials of this group, the researchers suggest, will have interesting wave physics of charge density. This means that their electrons self-organize into an inhomogeneous structure along the metal regions in the compound.

A similar wave state of charge density, as well as other unusual physics, originate from a network of vanadium (V) ions: inside materials that form an angular network of triangles known as a kagome lattice.

A tri-hexagonal mosaic or kagome lattice is a mosaic that consists of regular triangles and regular hexagons arranged so that each hexagon is surrounded by triangles.

The authors found out that KV3Sb5 is a rare metal built from the planes of a kagome lattice, it is also a superconductor. Other characteristics of the material have led researchers to hypothesize that the charges in it can form tiny current loops that create local magnetic fields.

You can imagine that there are certain patterns on the kagome lattice, and in them the charge moves along a small loop. This loop is like a current loop: it generates a magnetic field.

The authors note that such a state can become a new electronic state of matter and, in this case, will change our knowledge of unconventional superconductivity.

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