Readers of the Norwegian publication Resett commented on the article by journalist Bjorn Nistad about the incident with the Ryanair plane in Belarus. Among other things, he noted Lukashenko’s “uncompromising approach” to the opposition, and also criticized the West’s position on Minsk.

Many of the users supported the author’s point of view, recalling similar incidents initiated by NATO countries.

“What struck me was the unanimous condemnation. But when the United States did the same, no one even made a peep,” said one of the readers. Another user defended Belarus, noting that “a terrorist was arrested, and then the plane was released to its destination.”

“This man worked closely with the Nazis in Ukraine, and this is well documented,” Andres said of the arrested founder of the Nexta telegram channel, Roman Protasevich. “Sadly, the people have not yet figured out these “fighters for regime change,” the readers concluded.