The number of flood victims in western Germany has increased to 133 people, the Bild newspaper writes, citing the police.

So, in Rheinland-Pfalz, 90 residents have already died due to the rampant elements, and in North Rhine-Westphalia-43.

The media reported on the deterioration of the situation in the city of Erftstadt near Cologne, where bad weather led to the destruction of several houses. The authorities are afraid of an increase in the death toll.

In Germany, heavy rains have been continuing since Monday, which was caused by Cyclone Bernd, which came to the west of Europe. The main blow fell on the western and south-western regions, where rivers, including the Rhein, overflow their banks and flood the streets.

Some localities cannot be reached due to washed-out roads and destroyed bridges. Evacuation is underway in five districts in North Rhine-Westphalia, as there is a threat of a dam break. About 350 people were taken out of Trier after the flood of the local river. A state of emergency has been declared in the Rhine-Erft district.

There is no electricity or telephone service in most areas of Ahrweiler County. Local authorities reported that about 1.3 thousand people disappeared as a result of the floods.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, commenting on the incident, said that the final scale of the tragedy in the west of Germany will be clear only in the next few days. She expressed her condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims.

Devastating floods occurred not only in Germany but also in Belgium and the Netherlands.