An investigation is underway.

The NYPD does not currently classify the shooting in the subway in the Brooklyn area as a terrorist act.

“I cannot confirm this, an investigation is currently underway,” a police spokeswoman said in response to a corresponding question.

The shooting in the New York subway occurred at about 08:30 local time. Currently, 16 victims are reported as a result of the incident, at least five of them received gunshot wounds, two are in critical condition. Law enforcement officers are searching for a suspect who, according to media reports, was allegedly wearing a gas mask. Police said there were “no active explosive devices” found at the site. According to CNN, the perpetrator allegedly used a smoke bomb.

Mayor Eric Adams arrived at the scene of the incident, where representatives of the FBI are already present, the streets adjacent to the metro station are cordoned off, and train traffic on two metro lines is suspended.

Bloomberg TV channel, citing the New York Department of Education, reported that students of educational institutions near the metro station in Brooklyn are ordered to stay inside buildings. “We have received information from the Department of Education that all students of educational institutions should stay inside the buildings,” the channel presenter said.