An old collector’s card issued in 1909 with the image of the American athlete Honus Wagner was estimated at $ 6.6 million at the Robert Edward Auctions auction. UPI reports this.

The auction organizers closed the auction on the card on Monday, August 16. They noted that the T206 Honus Wagner broke the price record of $ 5.2 million, set by a 1952 card with baseball player Mickey Mantle.

The card with the image of Honus Wagner, a baseball player who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, has long been considered one of the most valuable for collectors. According to experts, there are only 60 of them because Wagner asked to withdraw the cards with his image from the circulation of 1909-1911.

“Its value distinguishes this “Wagner”. It is one of the best-preserved copies,” said Brian Dwyer, president of the auction organizer company.

The card seller is a collector from the East Coast. As the buyer, he chose not to disclose his name.