The House of Commons of the British Parliament on Tuesday, September 3, in the course of voting gave itself the right to determine the agenda of Parliament for Wednesday and thus consider a bill that opens the possibility of postponing the date of the Kingdom’s exit from the EU at a later date and even blocking “Brexit” if a deal with Brussels is not reached. Thus, the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered the first defeat in the British Parliament.

This was made possible by Johnson losing a working majority in Parliament on Tuesday ahead of a key “Brexit” vote in the house of Commons. Conservative MP Philip Lee joined the Pro-European-oriented faction of the Liberal Democrats (LD).

In addition, 21 Conservative party members voted against the Prime Minister’s plans, including former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.
Immediately after the vote, Boris Johnson announced that if the next day MPs will pass a law against hard “Brexit,” prohibiting London to leave the European Union without appropriate agreements with Brussels, he would seek the organization of early parliamentary elections. To do this, the head of government requires the support of two-thirds of the members of the House of Commons.

Earlier in the day, speaking to members of the British Parliament, Johnson said he wanted to return from the next EU summit with a deal that lawmakers could “study and approve.”

The British Prime Minister says that the chances of such an agreement in recent weeks “increased,” and the government “increases” the pace of negotiations with Brussels. At the same time, he asked parliamentarians not to approve the new legislative initiative. “If this happens, all the progress we have made will be devalued… this step will destroy any chance of negotiations,” the head of the Cabinet assured.

On the eve of Johnson claimed that he has no plans to call an extraordinary General election, despite the contradictions with the British Parliament. “I don’t want an election. You don’t want an election. Let’s continue to follow the agenda that the people dictate,” he said.