Independent studio Conradical Games, known for the humorous metroidvania Lootbox Lyfe, is currently raising money on Kickstarter for a new project. The role-playing side-scrolling action movie The Outbound Ghost earned the required amount in 32 hours, and now has achieved another goal.

Initially, the release of The Outbound Ghost was planned for PC and Nintendo Switch, and over time, the game was planned to be released on iOS and Android. Now, instead of the required $ 10,000, the project has raised more than $ 20,000. And now the developers have announced versions for the Xbox and PlayStation.

A demo of The Outbound Ghost is available on Steam. And now the creators of the game have shown what the gameplay looks like on the Nintendo Switch. The game should premiere in 2022. And there are still 12 days left before the final of the Kickstarter campaign.