An undisclosed US resident became a dollar millionaire thanks to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which he acquired 6 years ago.

One of the services for recovering cryptocurrency wallets was able to find a password for a 6-year-old wallet. The specialists were approached by a truck driver, who in 2015 acquired 10 million DOGE at the dawn of the emergence of a cryptocurrency that became a meme.

The user recently found a device to which he tied a cryptocurrency wallet, but he could not remember the password. As a result, the specialists were able to find the right combination of 12 characters, and the lucky owner of DOGE was able to sell the cryptocurrency.

In 2015, a user spent $ 1,500 on the purchase of 10 million DOGE. Now, at a price of $0.2736 per coin, his $1,500 has turned into $ 2.736 million. If he restored his wallet in May this year, the amount would have been significantly higher – about $6.4 million.