At the ceremony in Los Angeles, those present called for supporting the Ukrainian people in all possible ways.

Many came to the Academy Award ceremony in Hollywood with blue and yellow ribbons – the colors of the Ukrainian flag. After the words of actress Mila Kunis, a native of Ukraine, in the middle of the ceremony, the lights were extinguished as a sign of an appeal to all participants and viewers to do everything possible to help those who are in a war-torn country.

The text appeared on the screen: “We would like to be silent for a moment to express our support to the people of Ukraine, who are currently facing invasion, military actions and injustice on their own land. While cinema is an important way for us to express our humanity during the war, the reality is that millions of families in Ukraine need food, medical care, clean water and emergency care. Our forces are weak, but together we, as a global community, can do a lot.”

The final frame on the screen read: “We ask you to support Ukraine in any way you are able. #StandWithUkraine┬╗

Actor Sean Penn expressed the wish that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy – a former actor – also spoke to the participants of the ceremony.