The military department stressed that Ankara is deprived of the opportunity to participate in the program to create F-35 fighters because of this.

The United States called on Turkey to refuse further deliveries of Russian S-400 missiles and not to use the already purchased systems.

The call was made against the background of negotiations with Moscow on the supply of the second system.

The US recently imposed sanctions on Turkey’s defense industry over the purchase of missiles, saying the Russian system could be used to gather intelligence on Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter jets.

Earlier, they suspended Turkish defense contractors from participating in the international F-35 production program.

“We once again urge Turkey not to go any further with the S-400 deliveries,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. – We believe that they are incompatible with the F-35, and Turkey is still excluded from this program. Again, we urge you not to abandon these missiles.”

Turkey remains firmly committed to retaining Russian missiles, reflecting its desire for an increasingly independent role in regional politics and Russia’s economic ties.