The latest drones, about the technical characteristics of which little is known yet, are designed to attack the enemy.

The latest Ghost drones, which were part of the latest American arms package for Ukraine, were developed by the U.S. Air Force for attacks on military targets. Drones are disposable and self-destruct after a single use, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense said.

The United States and allies have increased arms supplies to Kyiv ahead of Russia’s announced offensive in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military has already successfully used Western weapons to attack Russian positions, including American Stinger and Javelin missiles, as well as drones, including Turkish Bayraktars and American Switchblade barrage drones.

Earlier on Thursday, the White House announced that the United States would transfer 121 Phoenix Ghost unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine as part of a new arms package.

The Pentagon said that the Ghost drones are well suited for the upcoming hostilities in the Ukrainian Donbass – a region whose flat terrain, according to representatives of the U.S. administration, resembles the American state of Kansas.

The Ghost drones “correspond very precisely to what Ukrainians need right now in the Donbass,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, without going into details.

Little is known about the new drones, including their range and exact technical characteristics. Kirby declined to provide more details about the Ghosts. However, he said that they are intended mainly for hitting combat targets, although they can also be used to monitor enemy positions.

A small number of Ukrainian military personnel have been trained in the United States to control Switchblade barrage drones – disposable drones that hit a target and detonate on impact.

Kirby said that learning how to handle the Ghost drones will be similar to learning how to handle the “Switchblade.” However, he also refused to detail the training plans and did not say how many Ukrainians will receive appropriate training.

The delivery of Ghosts to Kyiv has not yet been carried out.

Earlier on Thursday, Kirby said that the Americans are promptly developing drones for the needs of the Ukrainian military. During a press briefing, he clarified that such developments began even before the Russian invasion, which took place on February 24.

“But we will continue to promote these developments in accordance with Ukrainian requirements for tactical unmanned aerial systems in eastern Ukraine,” the Pentagon spokesman said.