A spokesman for the department, John Kirby, declined to say where exactly these people will be delivered.

The US military will begin transporting Afghans who have requested immigration visas to the United States to safe places at the end of July. This was stated on Wednesday by Pentagon press Secretary John Kirby at a regular briefing for journalists.

“The United States will begin to transport by air to other places the first groups of Afghans and their family members who helped the United States and our allies < … > at the end of this month,” he said. Kirby refused to say yet where exactly these people will be delivered, and also did not provide any other information about their movement through the territory of Afghanistan. According to him, Washington wants all these citizens to be able to safely leave the Afghan territory. The Pentagon representative also forwarded all questions concerning cases of refusal to leave the country for a number of Afghans who cooperated with the Americans to the US State Department.

Last week, US President Joe Biden said that the US authorities will begin later this month the evacuation by air of those Afghan citizens who provided support to US forces. As the American leader noted, in July, the authorities will begin air flights to resettle Afghans who have decided to leave their country, who have applied for a special US immigration visa, as well as their families.

According to him, the United States intends to ensure that “they take away Afghan citizens who worked side by side with American forces, including as interpreters.” According to the American media, about 18 thousand Afghans who helped the American troops, including as interpreters and about 53 thousand more members of their families hope to get immigration visas to the United States. However, this is a rather long process, so it was decided to evacuate them. American human rights activists and lawmakers are calling on the Biden administration to send these Afghans to the US-owned Pacific island of Guam. As the New York Times noted earlier, evacuation from the territory of Afghanistan does not give privileges in the process of considering an application for an American visa, and also does not provide guarantees that these people will not be deported to their homeland if they are denied it.