Emboldened by the Supreme Court decision, trump will receive $ 3.6 billion from the Pentagon to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Other 127 projects will be frozen for its construction.

The US Department of Defense has allocated $ 3.6 billion to build a new section of the wall on the border with Mexico. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman announced. The money for the fence will be taken from the budget provided for the construction and repair of other 127 military facilities, both in the United States and abroad — the construction of all these facilities will be frozen.

In late July, the US Supreme court allowed the US government to use the Pentagon budget to build sections of the wall. Donald Trump commented on the court’s decision on his Twitter microblog, calling it “a great victory on border security and the rule of law.” The section of the wall for which the money was allocated will have a length of 280 kilometers.

A California Federal court in May issued a verdict temporarily barring Trump from using Defense Department funds to build the wall without congressional approval. The court also ruled that the government could not use the money while various courts challenged Trump’s attempt to use the Pentagon budget. The US Supreme court, in turn, overturned the California court’s restraining order and allowed the US President to use Defense Department funds until the litigation was over.