U.S. Space Forces conduct virtual exercises.

The United States is testing the resilience of satellites to threats from China and Russia just weeks after Russia shot down its outdated communications satellite.

Computer simulations included the possible downing of American missile tracking satellites, satellite suppression, and other effects of electronic warfare, which are possible tactics in space warfare.

During a visit to the Shriver Space Force Base in Colorado, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks saw a virtual space exercise called Space Flag. These were the thirteenth such exercises and the third in which partners such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia participated.

After Russia successfully tested an anti-satellite missile last month, U.S. officials said there was a growing need to increase the resilience of the U.S. satellite network to attacks and to use the opportunities for exercises.

Satellites are necessary for military communications, global navigation and synchronization systems, which are necessary in the event of war.