The police raided Prince Harry’s mansion

The police broke into the mansion of Prince Harry, who lives in America. Law enforcement authorities pulled the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II out of bed in his underpants. The comic story due to the death of Prince Philip became public only a few days ago.

In early April, the whole world was upset by the news of the death of the Queen’s husband. The Duke of Edinburgh did not live to see his 100th birthday just a few months. Harry was one of the last members of the royal family to learn of his grandfather’s death. And all due to the fact that the representatives of the palace could not get through to the careless prince – he simply did not pick up the phone.

Disturbed by the silence of Sussex, diplomats hastened to contact the police with a request to find Harry and convey sad news to him. The officers, in turn, did not find anything better than to personally go to the prince’s house and lift him out of bed with their own hands. All this happened at 3 am, which made both the police and Harry himself not happy, according to TMZ.

Everyone knows perfectly well how this story ended: the prince flew to England on the first flight, where he kept aloof from his older brother William. As soon as Sussex had the opportunity, he immediately returned to America to his wife Meghan Markle.

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3 thoughts on “The police raided Prince Harry’s mansion”

  1. Don’t people realize Megan Markle is an actress? She has made up lines for years, why stop now. Sad part she is bringing Harry into her web of lies. Think they are going to bring down Monarch- time will show it will be other way around.

  2. Didn’t the Embassy realise the time difference.? No one expects to be called up at 3:00 am. They could have waited till morning. 3 more hours of sleep would have been decent.


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