Special services are studying his contacts.

The head of the Colleyville (Texas) police, Michael Miller, said at a press conference that the man who seized the synagogue in the city is dead. The FBI is investigating the situation and studying the criminal’s contacts.

“We have been negotiating with this person all day; we have been in constant contact with him. He released one hostage,” he said. – The FBI turned to the hostage rescue unit, <…> I think they sent about 60-70 people from the metropolitan District of Columbia.” “Around 9 pm the unit entered the synagogue, freed three hostages. The attacker is dead,” Miller added.

As the FBI representative noted, about 200 people were involved in the operation as a whole. “We will continue to investigate information about the hostage taker, his contacts,” he said.

ABC earlier reported that four people, including a rabbi, had been taken hostage. As an unnamed representative of the authorities told the TV channel, the armed man claimed to be the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, convicted of terrorism, and demanded her release. Siddiqui is serving her sentence at an Air Force base in Texas; she was sentenced to 86 years for the attempted murder of an American soldier in 2010 and is suspected of having links with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. In turn, Aafia Siddiqui’s lawyer Marva Elbiali told CNN that the man who took hostages in the synagogue is not her client’s brother. Representatives of local law enforcement agencies at a press conference refused to provide details about the identity of the attacker.

U.S. President Joe Biden, commenting on the incident, thanked law enforcement agencies for the successful operation, noting that the motives of the attacker will become known later. “But let me make it clear to everyone who intends to sow hatred: we will speak out against anti-Semitism and the spread of extremism in this country,” the American leader said in a written statement.