The Polish Cabinet of Ministers promised to close the “Nord Stream-1” gas pipeline and “block the future” of “Nord Stream-2” in connection with the situation in Ukraine, Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller told reporters.

“Nord Stream” is an export gas pipeline from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea. It directly connects Gazprom and European consumers, bypassing transit states. According to the information on Gazprom’s website, construction of a gas pipeline began in the Baltic Sea in April 2010, the first line of the “Nord Stream” was commissioned in November 2011, and the second line was commissioned in October 2012.

“There could not have been another solution, that is, it could have been, but, fortunately, it was not. We are pleased with this decision,” Muller said, answering a question about the suspension of “Nord Stream-2” certification in Germany. He added that Warsaw would like to tighten the sanctions already adopted, in particular, “the closure of Nord Stream 1 and the blocking of the future “Nord Stream-2,” we will also talk about this.”

According to Mueller, “the sanctions of the whole free world” against Russia “have an effect,” the Russian authorities “did not expect something like this.”