According to the results of a sociological study, 55% of Americans declare their disapproval of the work of the American president.

The popularity rating of the American president Democrat Joe Biden in the United States continues to fall. The population of the country is now “deeply pessimistic,” convinced that the state of the economy is deteriorating, and prefers that the Republicans win the upcoming midterm elections in November. This, as reported on Sunday by The Washington Post, is evidenced by the results of a new opinion poll conducted by her and the ABC television company.

According to the results of this sociological study, 37% of his compatriots currently approve of Biden’s activities as head of state. At the same time, 55% of Americans declare their disapproval of his work, and 44% strongly disapprove. 37% of respondents are satisfied with Biden’s economic program. And 58% of them reported that they do not approve of the way the current owner of the White House acts in the economic sphere.

In addition, exactly half of American citizens (50% of respondents) emphasize that they would like to see the US Congress come under the control of the Republican Party in the fall of 2022. 40% of Americans want the Democrats to win. Midterm elections in the United States will be held on November 8. They will elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives of Congress and a third of its Senate (35 out of 100 legislators).

According to a report by The Washington Post, it is still “too early to assess” how Russia’s military operation in Ukraine may affect the attitude of voters in the United States to the Democratic president and his party. So far, 47% of Americans admit that they are not satisfied with the way Biden has acted so far in the current situation (33% of fellow citizens disagree with them, another 20% have no opinion on this). However, 67% of respondents support the introduction of U.S. and EU economic sanctions against Russia (against – 20%). And 76% of respondents stressed that they are ready to support the tightening of economic restrictions against Russia, even if it would lead to an increase in fuel prices in the United States.

The survey also revealed an extremely disapproving attitude of Americans towards Russia at this stage. 80% of its participants admitted that they have a negative attitude towards Russia. Moreover, 41% of respondents see it as an enemy of the United States at this stage. Only 12% of the survey participants signaled a positive attitude towards the Russian Federation.

The study was conducted in the period from February 20 to 24 by telephone using a random sampling method. 1,011 adult Americans took part in it. The margin of error in the results is 4 percentage points.