Among those participating in demonstrations in Cuba, some people receive money from the United States for inciting protests, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said, talking to supporters on the street in the municipality of San Antonio de Los Banos.

Earlier, residents of Cuba, who support the government and the revolution, took to the streets in many cities of the country after the call of President Diaz-Canel.

“There is a group of people … hired, paid by the US government, paid indirectly through American government agencies to organize such demonstrations,” he said. A video of his speech is posted on the website of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The first crowded protests in many years took place in Cuba on Sunday, judging by the videos from the marches, which are published on social networks; thousands of people took part in them. Among the protesters ‘ demands are “holding free elections” and solving social problems. According to local media, protests and crowds of people were noted in eight cities of the island, including Havana.

Numerous marches of supporters of the government and communists took place in at least five cities, including the capital, after the president’s call to take to the streets and fight back against provocations. In the videos that are circulating in social networks, in one of the cities, opposing marches met and began throwing stones at each other, shots are heard in another. There is no information about the victims on the streets.

During the riots that were previously staged by protesters in the city of Matanzas on the northern coast, the Panorama currency store was looted, some cars were overturned, no more serious incidents were recorded.