Earlier, Mexico Сity and Washington reached agreements on migration.

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador held telephone talks with his US counterpart Donald Trump. The head of the Latin American state said in his Twitter.

“We talked on the phone with President Trump,” wrote Lopez Obrador. “We have confirmed to him our readiness to make friends, engage in dialogue and cooperate for the benefit of our peoples.” On Friday, representatives of the Mexican and US authorities at the talks in Washington were able to reach agreements on migration. Lopez Obrador welcomed the agreement and called it “good.”

In accordance with it, Mexico will take measures to prevent illegal migration to the United States, including the deployment of troops of its National Guard throughout the country, paying special attention to the southern border. In addition, the authorities of the Latin American country will actively combat organizations involved in trafficking in human beings.

On May 30, Trump announced the introduction duties of 5% on goods from Mexico in connection with the migration crisis at the common border. He warned that tariffs will rise by 5% every month until October this year if Mexico does not take decisive action to stop not only illegal migration but also drug smuggling in the United States. After representatives of the two countries managed to agree, Trump said that the introduction of customs duties on goods from Mexico suspended indefinitely.