On August 10, Xiaomi introduced its first tablet computers Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro in three years. Both new items received support for connecting a keyboard and working with a stylus. After the presentation, the prices of all accessories became known.

Electronic pen for tablets will cost $ 54 (349 yuan). This is much cheaper than the second-generation Apple Pencil, which is priced at $ 129. But it costs more than Lenovo’s Xiaoxin Active Capacitive Pen ($ 46).

The nib weighs 12.2 grams and is 152 mm long. It boasts a replaceable soft tip and a pair of buttons on the sides. The stylus has a touch screen sampling rate of 240 Hz and recognizes 4096 pressure levels. The battery life is 8 hours. A minute of charging on the top of the tablet turns into 20 minutes of battery life.

Another accessory for Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro is the Mi Pad Keyboard Case. It is available in emerald, white and black for $ 62 (399 yuan). The case has a magnet at the bottom, and the connection is made by means of two contacts. The number of keys is 63. The stroke is 1.2 mm.

The third novelty is a magnetic case with a cover that can act as a stand. Such an accessory will cost $ 15 (99 yuan). It is offered in emerald, black and orange color variations. As you can see, three accessories cost like one Apple Pencil.