Six high-ranking military personnel who mysteriously died in Cuba over the past ten days could have died from COVID-19 or other diseases caused by their age.

There is a rather difficult situation in Cuba due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19. Tourist bases and hotels previously used by foreign travelers were transferred to temporary hospitals. In addition, there are problems with medicines in Cuba: the country imports some of the components for their production, but American sanctions make this very difficult. There are also not enough finances to increase production capacities.

All this together leads to the fact that now there is a rather difficult period in the fight against COVID. The deaths of generals, of course, maybe a consequence of this, ” Kalashnikov said. The expert stressed that any speculation about a conspiracy to eliminate unwanted generals is fake.

The mysterious deaths of six generals became known earlier on July 29. The last of the deceased was Gilberto Antonio Cardero Sanchez, who in 1957 joined the rebel army of Fidel Castro, and served in the Cuban Armed Forces after the revolution. The causes of death of all the military were not named. Still, the media and experts suggest that all of them could have contracted the coronavirus during a personal meeting after the protests that broke out in the country on July 11. The Government of Cuba does not comment on the circumstances of the death of the generals.